Party Ice 2.27KG

Cocktail Bar
Fancy a cocktail but don't know where to start? Have a full drinks cabinet but don't know what to mix together? The Ice Coᵒ™ Cocktail Bar app is the answer! Perfect the art of mixology with this easy to use app offering hundreds of cocktail and mocktail recipes at your fingertips.
Just search for 'The Ice Co Cocktail Bar' in your app store.

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Pack sizes

Shelf Height 353
Shelf Width 199
Shelf Depth 81

Preparation and usage

Cool bottles, chill drinks or even use in an ice bath!
Party Ice is the 'go to' ice product for all occasions.
It's not a party without it!

Handling Instructions
These ice cubes are 'free run'. Should they have stuck together during storage, a short drop onto a hard surface should separate them.